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Hamilton County Board of Education


The Hamilton County Board of Education believes in the establishment of a tradition of regular school attendance for each student. This establishes the first step toward a successful academic career culminating in a high school diploma and this is an essential concept to learn for the job market.


The Hamilton County Department of Education has a state approved system for maintaining attendance records for each student enrolled in the district.


1. Personal Illness: Students are excused who are sick and whose attendance would be detrimental to their health and the health of other students. A physician's statement may be required.

2. Death in Immediate Family: Students may be excused for three (3) days in the event of a death in their immediate families including mother, father, stepparent, brother, sister, or grandparent. Extenuating circumstances may require a longer period of excused absence.

3. Family Illness: Students having an illness in the family which requires them to give temporary help will be excused from attendance after receipt of a physician's statement concerning the necessity of the student's assistance.

4. Religious Holiday: Students shall be excused on special or recognized religious holidays regularly observed by that particular faith. Prior approval is required should these days occur while school is in session.

5. Personal: Students who are absent for a good cause such as a doctor or dental appointment which cannot be scheduled at times other than school hours, court appearances, etc. may be excused upon proof of appointment. Prior approval by parent or guardian and the principal or his designee is required.

6. Approved School Sponsored Activities: Students shall be marked present when participating in a school sponsored activity away from the school building.


The law requires that school offi cials report to the court and parent/guardian of a child who is unlawfully absent from school for any fi ve (5) days during the school year (this means an aggregate of fi ve (5) days) without adequate excuse. When a student reaches fi ve (5) unexcused absences, the school will notify the parent/guardian that their child must attend school on a regular basis by mailing the Attendance Notification Letter. After ten (10) days absence without adequate excuse, a student is referred to the school social worker. If the child continues to accrue unexcused absences after the referral, a legal notice will be mailed by the school social worker.

 Review: Annually, Attendance in April

Monitoring: TBD 

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Attendance 6.200

This notice shall serve as intent to fi le a truancy or dependency and neglect petition with Hamilton County Juvenile Court unless proper documentation is provided to the school within fi ve (5) days of receipt of this notice.


By law students must attend school daily. HCDE will allow parent/guardian excuses to serve as documentation for three (3) personal illness days only. After three (3) parent/guardian excused personal illness days, parents must provide medical services documentation for the following: personal illness, family illness, or personal (as defi ned above). To avoid student absences being recorded as unexcused, a written statement signed and dated by the parent/guardian and any medical documentation should be presented to the appropriate school offi cial within fi ve (5) days of the student returning to school.


The established policy should be reviewed periodically to ensure that procedural due process is provided.

1. Prior to its enactment, notice of the rules, regulations, and penalties are provided to students and parents.

2. All students receive a written copy of the policy. Students who arrive during the school year also receive the policy.

3. Policy is to be enforced by all in a fair, consistent, nondiscriminatory manner.

4. The policy provides for exceptions through an impartial hearing and appeals process.

5. Announce policy at student assemblies and parent meetings.

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