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20 Minutes of Reading Everyday!  

Dear Students,

I want to challenge you to read 20 minutes everyday at home. Have your parent or older brother/sister ask you the five W questions: Who, What, Where, When, and Why after you read. You can also "Buddy Read" with your Mom and Dad. The important thing is that you read and understand what you are reading.  Make it fun!

Let me know how you are doing or if you need a Reading Log to keep up with your progress.

Happy Reading, 

Mrs. Cleveland  :)




Welcome back!  

Dear Boys and Girls, 

I hope you have enjoyed your Summer break! I know I did, but I am ready to see all of you back at Orchard Knob in August. This year is going to be AWESOME! We are going to improve our reading and math skills with some new ways of learning. See you on Registration Day or on the first day of school, August 13th.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer!

Yours truly,

Mrs. Cleveland :)