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Homework will be assigned on Monday and due on Friday.  Each week your student will bring home a reading passage and 4 tasks to do.  They can choose to do one on Monday, one Tuesday, one Wednesday, and on Thursday or they can do it all at once or any combination.  As long as all 4 are ready to turn in Friday, we're good!

Help your student at home!  

It is important to have you child reading everyday. Also, be sure to ask your children questions about what they have read. This will promote critical thinking. Be sure you are asking "genuine questions", or questions that can't be answered with a simple yes or no. When students explain their understanding, they reinforce what they already know, and challenge new learning for better comprehension.

Sample questions to ask your child about their reading:

Tell me about the main character in your book? What are some of their character traits?

What is the setting of your book? How do you think the setting effects the mood of the book?

What was the most important event in the chapter you just read? How do you think it effects the story overall?

Do you think the characters in your book have changed over time?  How? Why?

What do you think will happen next in your book? What makes you think that?

School Fees  

School Fees are $10.00 per student.  We need to have this fee to cover materials needed for the classroom.  We need to replace consumable materials such as construction paper, notecards, pencil sharpeners, and keep up to date on learning materials for center activities.  If $10.00 is not possible all at once, consider sending $5 now and $5 later on.